James Ellroy’s Clandestine

Sennet Entertainment is producing the prequel to LA CONFIDENTIAL (1997) based on James Ellroy’s book CLANDESTINE.

In pre-production.


The Women Airforce Service Pilots – Sennet Entertainment, Sheila Johnson, Bo Derek, and David Greenhill are producing the feature film W.A.S.P., which depicts the true, untold story of how American aviation pioneers Jacqueline Cochran and Nancy Love formed the first group of women pilots to fly for the United States military. Wheels up in 2018.

Writer: B. Garida

Based on the book “Santiago Rhythm & Blues” by Lt. Col. Andra Higgs


Sennet Entertainment is producing the limited series CAPA, which depicts the life of famed Hungarian war photographer Robert Capa and chronicles his love affair with actress Ingrid Bergman.

Starring: Dominic Cooper, Jessica Biel, Pierce Brosnan
Writer: Jonathan Marc Feldman
Based on the book “Blood and Champagne” by Alex Kershaw